Monday, February 4, 2013

Priya's Great Delhi Visit :-)

I’d wanted to go to Delhi all my life, however thanks to the frightening things I’d read about that city in the newspapers coupled with the fact that I barely spoke a dozen words of Hindi, I didn’t even attempt to step over the confines of the South and simply sat around feeling hugely envious of all who travelled to that fabulous and frightening city. Then Suhas went off to Delhi and excitedly spoke about the place in lengthy conversations on the phone. Every now and then there would be an enticing picture on Facebook and then one day he said the magic words, ‘Book a ticket and come off!’ I didn’t waste any time.
I have to pause this blog post for a mo to say this: In Suhas I am blessed to have had the best host ever. He took such good care of me. He took me everywhere, never ever left my side, always made sure I was all right, always helpful (‘let me carry your jacket’), always enthusiastic, polite, patient and fun. I barely had to ask him for anything. It was all thought out and offered already. As in Benglur, he knew the best places for everything. And to add to his extensive list of virtues, every morning he would cook this absolutely hot, healthy, nutritious and delicious South Indian hot rice breakfast to sustain us through the day. If there was some gold medal for best host, I’d recommend him at once. He was amazing.
This sign was made by Suhas to be held up in the airport on my arrival :-)
I am not going to fill this post with pictures of the magnificent Delhi monuments. No picture will do justice to the emotions they evoke. Instead, here are some glimpses of my visit and pages from my now packed sketchbook. After this visit, the name Delhi which once evoked awe and fear, brings instead a lot of happy memories and a sense of wonder at the riches my country offers to those who search for it.
Big fat beautiful seed pod from a bird filled tree across Suhas's terrace.
Everything is Delhi is bigger, better and more beautiful.

Park at Haus Khaz village

Vintage tile picked up from a shop at Hauz Khas :-)

My first Tibetan meal and best ever gargantuan feast at Yeti

Skech and photo from Safdarjung's tomb

Sketch from Lodhi Gardens above and Moong dhal dumplings in a delicious green chilli sauce
with radishes, below.

 Delhi's Red Carrot juice was absolutely super!

The 'In your face' Old Delhi. Thankfully I went on Republic day when it was fairly empty. Even then its aggression and soul-killing poverty left me shaken.

 The famous Paratha joint at Old Delhi. People ate dozens of these.

Nan Khatai biscuit vendor. The biscuits were warm and tasty.

Below - Qutub Minar!

The picture below is my favourite. This man must be from somewhere in Central Asia, looking at his turban. I think he is from Uzbekistan or Samarkand. He belongs there under that beautiful arch like he's lived there all his life.

 The gorgeous ruins of Mehrauli Archeological park.
We explored through dozens of ruined and hidden passages and doorways...

and walked through the mind-blowing construction of this Step Well

A small sketch above of the beautiful structure below.
And lunch at the funky Mamagoto afterwards at Select Citywalk, a complete contrast :-)
We spent hours at the lovely CMYK Mehar Chand Market
So many other memories jotted down below. Sketchbooking certainly helps in processing the blur of memories into something tangible within pages.
In a crowded Metro (pronounced Matt-ro) ride, I made my way towards an empty seat and hesitated when I saw a kerchief placed there. Suddenly a voice behind me said, Madam, ye hamara seat hai! (Madam, this is my seat!). I moved away. Later, when the Metro stopped, I got a forceful whack on my shoulder. Surprised I turned around to see two rugged Delhi men excitedly beckoning me towards the now empty seat, Madam! Baito idhar se! (Madam, sit here!)
In Benglur's Meru taxi, a polite recorded voice in a nice English accent welcomes you when you get in with, 'Welcome to Meru Taxi Service...' When I got into the Meru Cab in Delhi to get back to the airport, a loud high-pitched voice said, 'Velkum to the Hunee Bunee ride...' and then in a high decibel it sang, 'Hunee Bunee, Hunee Bunee, Hunee Buneeeeee....'
When I think of the art and architecture left for us by successive Mughal dynasties, I marvel at their vision, their sophistication and their culture. Their art does what art is truly meant to do to our minds – it elevates, it helps us transcend the mundane. Their art is indeed human spirit at its best - it has touched the divine. I am grateful to have been allowed in this lifetime, to catch a glimpse of this in the complex and beautiful city of  Delhi.


Archana Srinivas Pottery said...

You did well Ms. Priya!

Being a Delhiite I think you covered all the sketching, eating and architecture hot spots:-)


Priya Sebastian said...'re from Delhi! That explains all the love for beauty, the knowledge of birds and all!
But if I've covered everything, it is thanks to my host.

Thank you Archana.

Nancy // and while we are here said...

I'm totally in love with this post! The glimpses into your sketchbooks are so wonderful and I could read your words over and over again!

I visited Delhi, some years ago, and will never forget anything about it. My excitement, my anxiety, my first chai in India (which cured my fear and my jetlag - it is a magic potion, I really believe that :) ), the smell, the people, the food, Lodhi Gardens, the endless walks, the streets... In this city, I felt like a child again: marvelling. Thank you for taking me there again today!

220voflove said...

Its so amazing & so very tempting, Loved all your illustrations capturing & interpreting Delhi, great experience, feeling so tempting to travel ;)

Unknown said...

Lovely post. All your illustrations speak a thousand words.

Perfect Witch said...

Glad you enjoyed my city. Winter is indeed the best time.
The chaat in Delhi is what we northerners miss most in the south :( The moong dal dumplings made me so nostalgic.

Priya Sebastian said...

little pink cakes:
you've been to delhi! I agree with you, I too felt like a child again, filled with a sense of wonder about everything I saw. If you have pictures of Delhi I'd love to see them. They must be marvellous ones.

Prashant: Thank you! But you, you can go to Rajasthan whenever you want to!

Shweta: Thank you :)

Perfect Witch: You from Delhi too? The Aloo Chaat I had there was simply unforgettable!

Kalyani said...

Hey Priya!

I spent all my childhood holidays are my grandparents' in Delhi. Every time I visit the city it fills me with nostalgia.

Aarthi said...

You capture so well the beauty around you! said...

Priya, I love delhi through your eyes. Thinking its about time for a visit :) beautiful, all of it. And liking that new website too! all the softness of your work just pops out with that clean design.


Priya Sebastian said...

Thank you Amrita. If you do go to Delhi, I'd love to see how it inspires you :)

Rashmi Patel said...

What beauty, the way you have captured Delhi's essence!

Priyanka Sacheti said...

It was wonderful to read and glimpse your Delhi experiences through the medium of your text, images, and sketch book.

I spent a month in Delhi pursuing a writing residency - however, I spent a much more enjoyable time exploring Delhi though, rather than accomplishing any significant writing. Coincidentally, during my stay, I too visited and photographed the pink and blue haveli doors in Old Delhi:)

Anonymous said...

priya, thank you so much for this post. I am from the midwest U. S. but spent a little time in India in the late 80's. My husband was doing business there and I was so lucky to be able to tag along sometimes. We spent most of the time in Delhi or in a small town, Alwar, where a plant was being put up. We traveled between Delhi, Jaipur, Agra and Alwar. We were able to travel to Srinaghar for a week's vacation while there one summer. I love all of India that I experienced and have several friend's I made in Delhi I am still in touch with after all these years. Your pictures and words brought back so many memories. I was not doing much art at the time I was there and I wish so much I could go back and keep an art journal like the beautiful one you have. So glad I found your post! <3 Marge

Priya Sebastian said...

It always makes me happy to read comments like this, where my work triggers a chain of memories in others. I wish I could go back to Delhi too!