Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Midnight Sketching

Someone had an idea about doing night sketching under lamplights to study light and shade at night, but then someone else arrived late, then we had to gas for an hour, then we went out to eat Chinese, then we went off to draw after ten at night and finished drawing at two in the morning, watched by mysterious cats and serenaded continuously by yowling dogs...

Black cat!

 Can't believe people actually draw with points like these.

A Morning Walk in Summer

Lalbagh is at its best in summer so I am glad that someone managed to coax me one morning into a walk there. He wanted to 'tag' trees, whatever that means and had his nose buried earnestly in his phone most of the time presumably doing his tagging while I tried out my camera. Pardon this picture heavy post, but can you blame me?

I returned with this booty. Alladin's cave could not have offered me more pleasure.

I photographed the shape and texture of the seedpods

and started the beginnings of a sketch that I never completed. There is something else that I want to happen in my drawing. It is like looking for a path and not finding a way. Sometimes the best solution for that is keeping the sketchbook closed. Better drawings are known to happen after a pause.