Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Giant Sketchbook

 When I bought my first GIANT Strathmore Sketch, I remember I carried it home with pride. At 14×17 inches it was my biggest sketchbook ever. It cost over a thousand rupees and though I had to mull considerably over buying it I gave in since I felt I had earned it.

 I also thought that since it had 100 pages I would take a lifetime to fill it. Little did I know that I would use this entire book on just one project and that I would use it so much that it would be battered and pummeled like dough to make bread rise. 

Yesterday I finished the last usable page and in less than a year and out of sheer necessity and without second thought I have bought myself a second Strathmore Sketch. 

Therefore it is with some ceremony and a sense of satisfaction that I am closing the first one and retiring it. I have learnt and progressed much in those one hundred pages. Onward to the second.