Sunday, October 6, 2013

Illustrations for Current Conservation Magazine

Every person who draws knows that there are two kinds of audiences – the cultured and the philistines. One never ever knows who will fall into which category until remarks are made about art.

Long ago, at the recommendation of a well wisher, I took my spanking new portfolio of illustrations enthusiastically to the big boss of a newspaper. The man's family had owned the newspaper for decades, he reeked wealth within his wood panelled room. The boss flipped through my portfolio politely and a trifle disdainfully declared, ‘who wants this sort of thing ya?’ Then he called an editor and said dismissively, ‘give her an article to illustrate’. I illustrated the article, I got paid many months later and that was all there was to it.

Fast forward to over a decade later, I went to meet the editor of an environmental magazine at the Indian Institute of Science campus. I was directed to a modern building full of light and air; the scientist who was editor of the magazine spoke very knowledgeably about illustration; he said he wanted the magazine to be a ‘platform for illustrators’ and he stated that the editors of the magazine ‘would like to build a relationship with the illustrators’.

The newspaper from years ago has over time reduced itself to a sensationalistic rag. As for the environmental magazine, when one looks at the content, the design, the quality of the printing and the visuals, the vision of the editors is apparent. 

The process for one of my illustrations can be seen over here >>>