Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lekka Pustaka

 Ever since I saw Nilesh using a bright red cloth bound book as a sketchbook I wanted one too.
It is a 'lekka pustaka' explained Nilesh, an 'account book'. The paper inside is great to draw on and even holds watercolour. And it is a fraction of the cost of expensive Nightingale books at upmarket shops.

I just liked the fact that it was RED and BRIGHT PINK. I couldn't sleep until I had one of these.
The ever informative Prabha was more specific - this is a 'Jain account book' she said.
Gujju baniyas (Gujarati businessmen) use it to keep their accounts. 
Notice the Goddess Lakshmi on the title page. She is the Goddess of Wealth.
The pages are numbered. Such a nice touch.
Good paper
Bright and Chubby! 
It may lack the elegance and sophistication of a more expensive sketchbook but it makes up for it with its chunky presence and colourful personality.
Bright red and shocking pink are such a striking colour combination.
It satisfies the 'Indian' in me in every way.

 I also bought and Indian calendar in the same shop.
 It is from Diwali to Diwali madam, said the shopkeeper.
 So much character
Here are Nilesh's drawings from his Lekka Pustaka. 

And this is his cruel caricature of me ;-p



Like that chubby book waiting to see what you do with it. Those watercolours are wonderful.

vineeta said...

LOVED this post - the book, the colour the red & hot pink, the calender & the beautiful illustrations. So enjoyed this post - was smiling from ear to ear through it :)

Prabha Narayanan said...

After reading this, i really really want to use the book which was i bought for Nilesh Bhai on his request (maybe buy that calendar too...who says we need a jan to dec calendar??!!)! I hope this artistic (materia) journey never ends...

Julie Lapointe - La Datcha said...

Very tempting red book! Can't wait to see its future contents!

GB said...

Oooh, blank paper! possib-i-lities galore! Love that calendar, from diwali to diwali. :)

anup keerrthi said...

thanks for sharing that. pure serendipity.

i presume u were in avenue road to pick this up?

pRiyA said...

Yes it was! :-)
And yes, I picked it up at Avenue road. The pictures are in the previous post.

marie-louise said...

It was nice to look in here!

Tororo said...

I too love these bright colors! (I suspect there's an Indian hiding inside every person on the planet, only they're showing up only on occasions :) ). And I feel impatient to watch the illuminations I'm sure you will soon add to it (... such as your very own irendering of Nilesh's likeness, perhaps? ;) ).

pRiyA said...

Haha, yes Tororo, I must do my interpretation of Nilesh ;-)
I am impatient to get started on the book too!

Chuki said...

Hey Priya, loved the "plum tree archives"!
and thanks for your compliments


Ambika said...

This is a beautiful post :) The pustaka is a bright n charming one, hope to see your illustrations on it soon.

~mE said...

Omg! this is so good.
I always always wanted to learn free hand drawing formally..:(
I wonder if i can ever draw and paint so well :(