Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Post FOR Colour!

Some of my friends and acquaintances have expressed their dislike for the jazzy coloured walls of Begaluru. They want back the dull grey, pee stained walls of the past. I am shocked and appalled at their lack of  taste! Who do they think they are?

To them I say:
Are you out of your minds?
Are you living on another planet?
Look around you people! Open your eyes and see!
The rest of us have well and truly painted away our stuffy colonial past with our brightest best.

 We don’t live in the Bang – a – lore left to us by the Brits anymore. This is Namma Bengaluru
Here we plunge into colour with abandon; we eat it, we speak it, we wear it, we live in it, we worship it, we dream it…

Look at our buildings!

Our signboards!

Our Gods!

Our houses!

Our cakes!

Our clothes!

Our real flowers

Our plastic ones

The sides of our buses
extract from this picture by Slogan Murugan

Our shops

This is us! We are colourful people!
And you nuts want grey?


GB said...

Yes yes yes! I want color (even if I stay in far-away lands). Yummy post, Priya!

sajana said...

"we plunge into colour with abandon" - thats exactly it. (making a loud splash in the process) :)


bring it on, one can never have enough colour.

Sound Horn Please said...

Color seems to be the order of the day!

Sophie Munns said...

Plenty of colour please.... and dont the cities of the west need it!
India though carries off colour like no-one...! And Im hoping to get there and enjoy it for myself before too long!

megha punater said...

i will take the colour anyday.
thank you :)

sathish said...

Yes. Yes. More colour please.

I pass through the Jadugar Anand's cutout every day - breaks the greyness of the traffic everytime.

Owen said...

Priya, a JOYOUS celebration of color here ! Absolutely love your post, and I shall henceforth no longer say Bangalore, but Bengaluru... Took me a little while to get all the way across the Indian Ocean to drop by, but better late than never... hope all is well with you.

Rose said...

Hello Priya...

Just went thru ur post and realised how colorful is Banglore! Go forward with colors of life! Good Post too. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOVE color! Bring it on. I miss the huge hoardings I used to see in Madras. We used to walk home from school and they would be painting the hoardings. It always amazed us that they would get the proportions so perfectly. Amazing. I love the subway in Bangalore which takes me away from the airport off on fleet-wheeled vans to Mysore to my home. They have terracotta art there I think. I love it on my arrival and watch it with tears when I am leaving.