Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rambling in the Studio

The wonderful thing about being part of a drawing group is that watching others attempt subjects which I wouldn't usually choose compels me to attempt them too. The picture of the old colonial house above is my first attempt at drawing a building. I sat beside Rashmi as she drew The Colonial Bungalow at one drawing session and after numerous attempts at drawing it with pencil, pen and other sharp pointy drawing instruments and badly botching things up, I found that Rashmi's picture (below) kept nagging me. Then one early morning, I just went and sat in front of the actual building and drew the scene in front of me using the edge of a charcoal stick and everything fell magically into place.
Here are some of the lovely sketches by other Pencil Jammers:

Rashmi's version of the Colonial building above
and George's sketch of Church Street below


These fabulous sketches below are by a mind blowing Illustrator who does not want to be named. Just look at his drawings anyway - 

and this sketch below by Rembrandt.

The skill, class and beauty of the pictures above are truly inspirational.

'Artists who look at rubbish will always draw rubbish'
Go back to the Old Masters instead and read this piece of passionate writing by Illustrator Mahendra Singh on why Illustrators really need to draw as if their lives depended on it


தமிழ்ப்பறவை said...

superb Priya...!
tht building with ur charcoal touch...awesome. It gave some historical mood to that building...!

pRiyA said...

thank you :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Priya, you are a natural... I don't think there is anything you couldn't do. have what it takes.

and thanks for the great read..

pRiyA said...

er...I hope so Gwen. Thank you.

Owen said...

Beautiful job on the house drawing... maybe you are ready to design your own place now ? I agree with Gwen, I think you could draw anything under the sun, and make it speak to us.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. It is wonderful to see how different artists draw the same scene. One thing I would love to see is different stages of your drawing-- what the edge of your charcoal really is, and how your image develops from initial concept to the final piece.

Love your style and this drawing.. and if I find myself in Bangalore would definitely like to take a class with you!

pallavi (San Francisco)

pRiyA said...

Thank you for your comment Pallavi. It had never occurred to me to show how a picture develops but I will definitely do that in a future post.
I hope we meet in Bangalore one day :)

Owen: Thank you ;)

sathish said...

priya, That was wonderful. the sketches by other pencil jammers are equally cool.

pRiyA said...

thank you sathish :)