Monday, September 11, 2017


One day an acquaintance chided me for living so close to Albert Bakery and not yet trying out the Brain Puff. It is sold only on Saturdays and Sundays mind you, and one has to go early, by 3pm, before it gets over. Well, I did try it and it was really good.

And this below, this morning, the best ever Italian Mochachino somewhere along one of those crossroads at Indiranagar (9th Main). I am very particular about my coffee and I was told the Italians are too. They personally trained the coffee makers at this Gelataria and the strong coffee with real chocolate was pure heaven.
If I compare this to my days in Montreal, I paid exactly CAD2 for this here, yes you read that right, two Canadian dollars.

Now I love Italians and I want to go live there.

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