Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Pleasure of Posting.

So much pleasure in carefully packing these beautiful and 
sophisticated prints. Just look at them! 
Much to my delight, the entire Post Office was empty this afternoon so everything got stamped and sent in just 10 minutes flat.Those in Bangalore will be getting their prints by tomorrow itself via Speed Post. Woohoo!

Friday, September 15, 2017


So after months of searching, I finally managed to find a great printer, the kind who makes Fine Art Prints rather than brochures. The difference in quality is dazzling to say the least, the feel of the paper is pure luxury and the prints of my illustrations take my breath away. They are that good.

So to so many of you who clamored for "that picture of the boat" and "the Crow one", here is your chance to own your favorite at a very buyer friendly price.

Email me as always at with your address, choice of print and number of copies.
I will give you my bank details / Paypal details for a transfer and poof, these excellent prints can be yours!

17inches x 14.5 inches
Fine Art Print on Enhanced Matte paper
Price: Rs.2,500 (USD 39)
For postage and handling add Rs.500 within India and USD 8 for international shipping.
Email me at
with your postal address, choice of print and number of copies.

and this -

17inches x 12.5 inches
Fine Art Print on Enhanced Matte paper
Price: Rs.1,500 (USD 25)
Postage and handling add Rs.500 within India and USD 8 for international shipping.
Email me at
with your postal address, choice of print and number of copies.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Prettiest House

While returning from the Santhal village, we stumbled at this house at stopped and stared. A young woman who lived here came cycling inside the garden and allowed us to look around a bit. She said the house belonged to her parents. Her father was a sculptor and she was a student at Shantiniketan.

Favorite Pictures

From a walk to a Santhal village.

A Walk Through a Santhal Village

So rather than making up bulls*** posts, I have decided to finally make my long overdue posts from my memorable visit to the East of India. One of the memories that will always remain with me is a walk I took through a Santhal village with a friend. Indian villages can sometimes get overworked with embellishment but the structures in this village were simple shapes that looked like a child's drawings - uneven lines, large blocks of earthy color in limited palette and simple patterns. Arbitrarily placed objects created strange compositions. Everything seemed bleached out by the heat of the afternoon sun. We walked through courtyards and peered into windows, completely overcome by curiosity. We were not shooed away because the village seemed deserted and the few people who were present simply ignored us. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017


You want to know how I spend my time?
I walk through the front lawn, pretending
To be weeding. You ought to know
I am never weeding, on my knees, pulling
clumps of clover from flower beds: in fact
I am looking for courage, for some evidence
my life will change, though
it takes forever, checking
each clump for the symbolic
leaf, and soon the summer is ending, already
the leaves turning, always the sick trees
going first, the dying turning
brilliant yellow, while a few dark birds perform
their curfew of music. You want to see my hands?
As empty now as at the first note.
Or was the point always
to continue without a sign.

                 ~ Louise Gluck


I assure my readers I am not clawing at clumps of clover with my bare hands,not yet anyway, but sometimes what you hear from life around you and in the news, makes you wish you could change things.

This probably hits the nail on the head more than most
editorials would >>>

And this both in my city and elsewhere >>>

The Upgrade

So I am told all self-employed people go through this, it is raining ferociously outside, you are working working working, matted hair tied back, thick glasses, comfortable old t-shirt, papers strewn around the house…and then suddenly, SUDDENLY, all work is over and there is a lull and then much to your surprise you get invited by friends (friends? friends!) and you don’t know what to wear and nothing fits because a paunch has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, so you wear that same old t-shirt and disguise it with a scarf and stumble into Biere club trying hard not to look too bewildered and finish a month's quota of talking by jabbering excitedly.Later back home you go through soul-searching, your appearance needs an upgrade.

So the upgrade: This time 1 MG mall has a H and M, gosh, when did that happen? And oh, so wonderful, when I try out their pretty tops I am not XL but MEDIUM! Yay! Phew! And the hair, THE HAIR, finally the best cut ever at fuss free Margaret’s and then the inevitable selfie with pensive expression, above.

I suspect I am one of the Walrus in this picture.


One day an acquaintance chided me for living so close to Albert Bakery and not yet trying out the Brain Puff. It is sold only on Saturdays and Sundays mind you, and one has to go early, by 3pm, before it gets over. Well, I did try it and it was really good.

And this below, this morning, the best ever Italian Mochachino somewhere along one of those crossroads at Indiranagar (9th Main). I am very particular about my coffee and I was told the Italians are too. They personally trained the coffee makers at this Gelataria and the strong coffee with real chocolate was pure heaven.
If I compare this to my days in Montreal, I paid exactly CAD2 for this here, yes you read that right, two Canadian dollars.

Now I love Italians and I want to go live there.