Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A lovely rain fell in Bogota
In its drops were lumps of sugar;
But only lovers kissing in the rain
Were aware of this.
                  ~ Juan Diego Passa

Oh the relief and sheer joy of being able to hurl myself into my sketchbook once more and muck around within its pages. Here I tried to make the text a part of the illustration and after a few accidents which I managed to turn into happy accidents, I got what I wanted: an emotion I wanted to evoke. In addition there were nice surprises which I didn’t expect – the lettering fell into place perfectly with a slight upward slant and what is not apparent in these photographs, the textures and nuances of pastel which always delight me when they emerge on paper and which give the illustration its atmosphere and integrity.

I’ve used my White Signo pen here for the raindrops and lettering. The rest is of course done with various shades of pink pastel in my lovely Canson Sketchbook which has the best paper ever.


Priyanka said...

So, so gorgeous to behold, Priya!

pRiyA said...

Thank you Priyanka. The color probably reminds you of the flowers you behold :)