Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bicycle Dreaming

Here is a section of the cover illustration I did for Mridula Koshy's upcoming book Bicycle Dreaming. The author requested the publishers to invite me to do the cover illustration. That is a nice thing to happen :)
From her first book launch that I attended in 2010, I know that Mridula leaves her audience enthralled, so if you are in Delhi, do save the date to attend the launch of her latest book. I am copying the invite sent by the author ~

My book, Bicycle Dreaming is going to press as we speak, and I want to invite you to the launch on Friday, January 29 at IIC. I can promise you good conversation, tea and samosa. There will be an after party, of course, with details to follow.

A little bit about Bicycle Dreaming, a story set in working class Chirag Dilli:

Noor turns thirteen on the first page of the book; we leave her at fourteen on the last page. In between, she falls in right and wrong love, comes apart, together, and apart again from her family. We, the readers of the story, take measure of how much we know about happiness and wholeness in relationship: where does it come from, how do we account for it, and when the bottom falls out from under us, how do we survive our unheroic stories?

This is my version of the cover design for Bicycle Dreaming -

Deepalaya Community Library and Reading Project


priya vadhyar said...

Priya, this is such a beautiful illustration.. So earhty. Love the orange glow - it feels like a glimpse into her soul. There is also a lovely sense of solitude in the work.
Congratulations on being asked for by the author. It is definitely a nice thing to happen.

Priya Sebastian said...

Thank you Priya, that is such a nice comment. I like the way the work has turned out too.

The Mushroom Hunter said...

Wonderfully drawn and colored, and the eyes tell me a story - that of innocence lost and peacefulness found - in a very subtle, beautiful, personal and universal way. I am deeply moved by it. Thanks.

Priya Sebastian said...

The Mushroom Hunter: Thank you for the kind, encouraging, sometimes funny and always thoughtfully worded comments that you leave on my blog. It is a pleasure to read them.