Monday, November 30, 2015

A Fine Exhibition of Sculptures

About a week ago one of the first readers of my blog who is both a mathematician and photographer, visited me here in Bangalore. Conversation was very interesting and varied (mathematics isn't about adding and subtracting, it is about patterns!),there was a wonderful exchange of opinions and a very thoughtful gift of a beautiful seedpod.My visitor was a Mumbikar and I was pleased when he specifically requested Filter Coffee since he had seen it featured on my blog. The kind of filter coffee you get at a South Indian home will never be found elsewhere!
      by Sagar Kolte
I took my visitor to the beautiful National Gallery of Modern Art. The picture of the tree above is taken by him. At the National Gallery there was a wonderful exhibition of sculptures by a South Indian Sculptor KS Radhakrishnan. The show is titled Mapping with Figures and is on till the 27th of December. Unlike most of the dreary work I’ve seen by popular fine artists from this corner of the world, the work of KS Radhakrishnan was vibrant and invigorating to look at. I liked the work so much that I made time to go there yet again and sketch the sculptures. While I wanted to come home and improve on the drawings further, it will be a while before I do so. Until then, here are some of the pictures from the show. Far better pictures of the works can be seen on the website of this artist over here >>

The shadows created by these sculptures are as beautiful as the works themselves. They form a part of the artwork by lending their beauty to it.


One more beautiful work

A couple of my quick sketches of these works done at the exhibition -

I am glad that NGMA brings us massive well curated shows by these wonderful artists which we in the South would not have gotten to see otherwise. Their efforts are indeed commendable. So far I've seen exhibitions by Ram Kinker Baij, KK HebbarAmrita Sher Gill and now KS Radhakrishnan. Good art leaves you with a sense of fulfillment. I only wish the quirky little circus side shows in the name of fine art that keep popping up and bursting like soap bubbles within this city had more integrity and substance. It is always sincerity rather than showmanship that endures.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

From the Bits and Pieces Box

Waste bits and pieces collected and juxtaposed in pages of my sketchbooks create the most interesting and unusual compositions. Looking at these pictures makes me feel I am turning the pages of a very strange picture book where I never know what the next page will bring. Just like real life.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


And when you go long enough being uncertain of who you really are, what results is a form of subtle, long-term meditation — a persistent and necessary acceptance of whatever is arising, because you don’t actually know if it was the food that made you sick, and you don’t actually know if you like Eastern European cultures anymore, and you don’t really know how you feel about income inequality anymore, and you don’t know if your career path is the best for you or not, and you don’t really know if you miss your friends back home or if you just like the idea of missing your friends back home.

And at some point, you just stop asking questions. And start listening. To the waves and the wind and the calls for love in all of the beautiful languages you will never understand.
You just let it be. And keep moving.