Friday, April 3, 2015

Coffee and Mushrooms

If I were asked about my happiest moments in Canada so far, I would say that it was outside of Montreal in a charming little village called Sutton. My visits there contained all of my favourite things – coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, forests, autumn leaves, cats, superb food...and my lovely angel-faced Quebecois hosts who always made sure my stay was memorable. The picture above is an illustration inspired by those wonderful moments and below are a glimpse of some of them.


Sophie Munns said...


Julie said...

I just saw this post Priya! I'm so happy that you keep good memories of your stays in Sutton. It was our pleasure having you around and hope to see you again soon.
And my! Roupie almost looks fat in this picture... You should see him now that it's warm again outside, he looks like we're not feeding him at all.
Your beautiful drawing has been framed and Nicolas insisted that it should adorn the wall in his office where he can look at it while drinking his coffee.