Friday, November 22, 2013

Living Blue

Photograph of sky (top) by Mario Mint
Living Blue, Indigo dyed Shibori stole from Bangladesh.
Water from Megan Drop Peritore

What was taking the sun so long? Scheherazade’s eyes grew dim. A wave of longing swept through her body, longing for a mystical dawn, a crystal blue sky. She yearned for its distance, its freedom. Freedom, she thought, a half-remembered dream wrapped in blue silk. That was the moment that Scheherazade fell in love with the color blue.She had placed Sinbad in the midst of blue, an ocean of turquoise and ultramarine, dazzling, endless. In her mind she became a pebble sunk in shallow water, falling under its spell, watching the sunlight spangle Sinbad’s skiff as he escaped this mundane world once more. To her mind came the hint of a story. Like Sinbad, she would follow the ebb and flow of that story.

The City of Brass
~ via Parabola Magazine

Living Blue

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Name's Bond, Ruskin Bond

The publishers wanted a cover illustration that was mature and which would appeal to both adults and children alike. They felt my style would be appropriate for this.
Later, the art director, woman of few words, actually wrote back to tell me how much 'everyone liked the cover illustration'. And people are still 'liking' it on my Facebook page as I write this.
As always I am bewildered during moments like these. This cover illustration was a breeze to do after assignments like doing the illustrations for Dr. Kalam's book and coming up with all kinds of strange illustration solutions for the complex articles at Current Conservation magazine.

By the way, the design for this cover was a given template around which I had to base my illustration as well as draw a 'motif' that gets incorporated into the O.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fish Matters

Representational drawing is not the point. The real point of drawing is how to engage in what is real...The path by which you arrive at an understanding is the whole point of the game.

My illustration for the latest issue of Current Conservation -