Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Departure

There are some words which resonate with me forever.
One of them is this and the other is the writing above.


vineeta said...

Brilliant :) Brilliant :)
Out of here is a great direction to go into. When I left my job, that's how I felt.

Kashmira Patel said...

Did you write that page? I love how you write your "g"s.

And same thing as Vineeta...I wanted "out of here" from my previous job

ArtPropelled said...

I love the feeling that washes over one when discovering words that resonate....the feeling of connection and knowing that someone else has felt the same way.

Jenni Birchwood said...

Hi Priya, I've just discovered your blog. It's such a refreshing place to visit! The Kafka passage is great and reminds me of a Tolstoy passage from Anna Karenina which I often think about. Your words and pictures together are very honest.