Sunday, April 8, 2012


Some time ago, a very nice magazine asked if I would illustrate an editorial article regarding the environment. While the subject interested me greatly, the fees did not and as sometimes happens in the professional life of an illustrator, the interesting article did not get illustrated for the magazine. However, I did wonder about the article and how I would have conceptualized it. From what I remember, the article was about excessive noise in cities and how it affects the fragile ever diminishing nature around us including the pitch of bird calls. 

I am using this picture for a portfolio piece. I've depicted noise as a monster here and a vulnerable bird representing nature overwhelmed within it. A good illustration does not mimic the text, rather it compliments the writing with an interpretation. That is what I have attempted here. The design text in this particular visual is unrelated and has been placed just to give an idea of how it will look within the pages of a magazine. I'll work on it further later on. I've used graphite for this illustration. To get some idea of its true impact please click on the picture.

Alan E. Cober, one of the giants of illustration. Pure beautiful drawings done entirely by hand and pulsating with life. 


Rod MacGregor said...

This is fantastic...great conceptualisation which compliments the text perfectly...I wonder what these cheapskates ended up with....probably nothing of this level. I always believe these things have a way of turning around day magazines will realise they have to pay a lot more for a real Artist to grace their pages with proper Artwork.

pRiyA said...

Thank you Rod! As you've noticed there aren't many comments here since it isn't a 'pretty picture' which is what most people around me presume illustration is. I don't think many people get the conceptualization here. If they do, who knows, it might be 'borrowed' and redone in a flashy computerized rendition which is what impresses the crowd.

Sophie Munns said...

This is a wonderful image Priya!
Very strong and really clever!
Its great you've taken time to conceptualise this, esp given you had to let the 'job' go!

One has to make such decisions constantly it seems. I've noticed people asking me to do environment things often for nothing... or very little . Don't get me started.

Glad you havde fun at Pinterest.... its consumed me for a few weeks... now its like a museum i like to drop into ...and I almost dont want to add any more!

pRiyA said...

Thanks Sophie :)
Please keep adding on to your Pinterest and Tumblr sites. I go there more often than I care to admit because those world's you've created there are really beautiful.They have all the things I love.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Do I love this Illustration? YES, YES, YES!

...that sweet little birds twitterings being swallowed up by the rush of human development...

Wow! It feels explosive, spontaneous, emotional and absolutely True.
You captured it!

pRiyA said...

Thank you Gwen. That is a comment I value :)

Gopal M S said...


Good work like this is also lost in the noise of cheap, loud impatient work we see around us.

pRiyA said...

Thank you Gops. Much appreciated, your comment.

Deepti Pai said...

waaaw... priya loved d clearly understood... ur illustration communicates d message beautifully :)