Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ring Man

Benglurians and Kannada speakers will probably better appreciate the nuances and humour that took place in this little conversation:
Some days ago, I was driving down the road perpendicular to Comm’s (whatever it is called) and among the rows of carts selling fruit I saw a cart filled with unusual melons which were striped reddish brown and sienna. Already buying these beautiful melons was an enormous very dark skinned man. What immediately caught my eye was the array of bright shiny gold rings on each of his fingers. Each ring had a stone of a different colour and all together they clamoured loudly for attention. I was naturally transfixed. 

Meanwhile the Ring man was telling the melon seller in Tamil that his melons had better be good,  but then he turned to me and spoke in Benglur Kannada instead:
Idhu illi nodak chennagiruthe. Manege thagondhodhmele yengirutthe gothilla! (These fruit look good here but one never knows how they taste when they are cut at home)

I agreed with the Ring man wholeheartedly. Then I too sternly told the melon seller that he should give me a good fruit.
Then the Ring man looked at the melon seller:
Gandsru baidhre parvagilla! he said dramatically. Then he lowered his voice to a whisper, Aadre hengsru baidre thumba kashta!
(If a man scolds it doesn’t matter much, but if a woman scolds it is so hard to bear!)


Akhila H said...

Sooper post amma ;) Lafing & lafing :) Nice rings :)

mixdbrew said...

Thumba chanda! :D

pRiyA said...

Thank you girls :-D

Karine said...

I always love the way you tell a story with words and an illustration.