Monday, May 30, 2011

Namma Chanda Lettering - Benglur Public Font Library

The other day Mr. G posted about The Open Font Library on Facebook and mentioned the quality of their typefaces. I was really mystified I tell you. Why go and look at some foreign lettering in some ice cold country somewhere when we have our Namma Lettering here. No need for computer gomputer and all. Just take a walk along any street in Bengaluru and Aiyoh illi nodu! Abbah alli nodu! Yeshtu Chanda! Yentha Kaambinashun! So much different different lettering is there. Here are just a few examples -

To read more about a Brahmin Breakfast at this place please read here >>

See? We have variety as well as quantity. And no strange names like Eadui Medium and Nova Undercut and all. We just call our fonts by what they say: Prashanth Hotel Non Veg font, Brahmin's Coffee Bar font, Pooja jewels get the idea no? So much easier to remember than that Ewdi Undercut thing.
Look to your own city and namma culture is vot I say!

Slideshow here >>

Do visit this excellent site which collects our unique typography - Hand Painted type
Thank you for the link Shreyas! 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Favorite Subject

Red Rice and Fish

I love drawing fish. This one, red rice and fish, is my favourite meal.

Just for the info of some of the readers: This picture took about 8 hours to do. 6 hours non-stop last night starting at 10.30 pm and two hours this morning. That is why I work at night, no need to stop to eat lunch, wash dishes, answer the doorbell etc.
But I ate other things before drawing this picture: One package of salted peanuts, Diet Coke,  premium chocolate...all ingredients absolutely necessary to get charcoal to do my bidding.
Now I must go eat some Ritchie's biriyani to replenish my energy...and then get some sleep.


It seems as though Cathal and I spent that time in the shadow world, as though we were quietly lowered into the dark, everything familiar missing, and nothing we did or said could change this. Because no one harmed us or made us afraid, it did not strike us that we were in a world where no one loved us, or that such a thing might be of any significance. We did not complain. We were emptied of everything, and in the vacuum came something like silence – almost no sound at all, just some sad echoes and dim feelings.
~ Colm Tóibín
One Minus One

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Apparently these false teeth hampered the free flow of black bile regurgitating out of her, so when I sat pinned down on order in front of mother listening aghast once again to yet another story embellished with her twisted lies, mother would put her fingers inside her mouth, grimace and katak, she would remove a set of false teeth and casually chuck it beside the sleeping cat on the side table. The cat’s fur would jam itself to wet teeth resulting in hairy teeth. Appalled, my hand would instinctively search for car keys to scoot out of the house where upon my fingers would touch something wet. Looking down I would see four teeth snarling up at me beside an ash tray. Screaming! Commotion! Indignation! I would flee out of her house with my own curly hair standing on end. Then one day on a visit, I picked a chakkli from a plate on the table to find yet another set of teeth menacingly lying in wait for me. I stopped visiting mother.

~ Extract from a story called Mother's Teeth