Monday, April 11, 2011


It makes a HUGE difference to my day when I start it with my GIANT RED* mug full of frothy, extra strong South Indian Filter Coffee*. I am on a high! I am in the ejector seat of a fighter jet! There is a bitchy story brewing on my screen and a dark and gruesome illustration baking at my desk. 
It's going to be a kick ass day!

*Size of mug: 12 cms diameter!
*Brand of Coffee: Bru Select!


GB said...

That's the way I like my tea--oversized and strong. The patiala peg of chais, LOL!

Ages since I had a decent cup of filter coffee. Yours looks delish!

pRiyA said...

A comment minutes after a post!
I raise my second giant cup of filter coffee to you GB. Thank you!

mizu designs said...

Ahhhhh I wish I was a coffee drinker so could understand what you lot mean when you talk about this coffee business. I like the smell but can't stand the taste!

Anonymous said...

AH! I have a blue mug that gets filled with filter kaapi at 5:30 am. Mom calls it a big pot in Kannada :). If I don't have that cuppa then watch out, no Mom, only a mean old bear will be downstairs waiting for the boys ;)


pRiyA said...

Hi My3, The big Pot! I really like that.
Oh and I know ALL about mean old bears who get transformed every morning by filter kaapi...!

Karine said...

Having been a tea-only girl for the past 15 years, I have recently started drinking coffee again. Yes, it does make the start of a day more fierce. No question about it.
I would like to try being ejected out of a fast moving vehicle like that, just once. I love to make my heart pound fast.

pRiyA said...

'Fierce' is an excellent word when used to describe the effects of coffee Karine. Thanks for that!

Kylie: Let's hope you at least like the taste of chocolate :-)

Hari Batti said...

I am in COMPLETE agreement with this post. AND, that big strong cup of coffee is actually good for you:

Can it get any better than that?

pRiyA said...

There you have it! From the Green Light Dhaba environmentalist himself.
I can't even begin to describe how happy I felt reading that link. Over coffee of course!

hila said...

oh I totally agree! I can't start a day without good coffee.