Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gwen the Hen - A Second Serving

The first serving of Gwen the Hen turned out rather bland. This is the second serving with a bit more dressing.
This one can be dished out I guess...

Here is something that all artists can relate to:

1. Start
2. Keep going.
3. You think you’re starting to get the hang of it.
4. You see someone else’s work and feel undeniable misery.
5. Keep going.
6. Keep going.
7. You feel like maybe, possibly, you kinda got it now.
8. You don’t.
9. Keep going.
10. You ask for someone else’s opinion-their response is standoffish, though polite.
11. Depression.
12. Keep going.
13. Keep going.
14. You ask someone else’s opinion-their response is favorable.
15. They have no idea what they’re talking about.
16. Keep going.
17. You feel semi-kinda favorable and maybe even a little proud of what you can do now.
18. Self-loathing chastisement.
19. Depression.
20. Keep going.
21. You ask someone else’s opinion-they respond quite favorably.
22. They’re still wrong.
23. Depression.
24. Keep going though you can’t possibly imagine why.
25. Become restless.
26. Receive some measure of praise from a trustworthy opinion.
27. They’re still f******g wrong (Right?)
28. Keep going just because there’s nothing else to do.
29. Mastery arrives, you mistake it for a gust of wind.
30. Keep. F******g. Going.
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Sophie Munns said...

I love Gwen...and i do like this list!

Patricia Torres said...

aaaww.. Gwen is super cute! the list.. is definitely food for thought!! huuummmm

Owen said...

Keep going then ! We are rooting for you, and Gwen is roosting for you...

PS And I don't know if I count as a trustworthy opinion, but your work is awfully good.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hey those 30 steps are killers but true.

I can't remember if I ever told you this but there was a fellow a long time ago, that use to call me Gwen the Hen.. I do not know why.. maybe it was all leading up to this day so I would recognize it and tell you this triviality.

and your chick looks like she is the boss. I love the strong contrast of Black and White.

great post!

Karine said...

Truer words have not been spoken.

LOVE your second serving of Gwen.

ArtPropelled said...

Gwen the hen has a glint in her eye. I would not mess with her!

pRiyA said...

hahaha...well robyn, after reading some of your earlier stories about birds with lots of personality, I'm hardly surprised that you were the one to notice the glint in gwen's eye!

Sue Pownall (aka travelingsuep) said...

Great illustration, you've captured a great range of tones in this.

erin said...

love the chicken's expression. the 30 steps to mastery is like how to give a cat a pill, too funny.

Linda Hensley said...

Nice! I like the 30 steps too. Sometimes we can all retrace our steps through that list and get stuck on one of the points too, but I guess we all need to work on #30?

Axel Zapata said...

Bonita composiciĆ³n!!!

Alice Andreini said...

Ha...I know exactly how you feel.

The artistic process can be intimidating...but accepting that and then like you say...keep going.

Your work is lovely. I like the dark mood and I also the gray scale.

pRiyA said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments!

Ganesh HS said...

Awesome Blog!
Very much liked the way you have put so many "keep going" in the list... makes so much sense