Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here are some pictures of an unusual seed pod I found on a Sunday morning walk at Lalbagh.

This one was found closer to home.

Isn't it gorgeous?


Here are some pics from the walk:
Look at this!

An impromptu installation done by the dada of 1 Shanti Road, above
and the essence of Sunday Benglur below.

Lush tropical stuff
and the rarity of vast empty space.
Outside, at the gates, this man sells a variety of fresh sprouts

Which I make into a salad for lunch. Ah! Simple and healthy.
ps: We also ate a high calorie South Indian breakfast, but it was over before I could say 'click'.


Rima said...

I remember finding exactly that second long seed pod in Fiji when I was younger :) Wonder what it's called...
Happy summer days creating Priya
xx R

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Priya,
its so lovely to see photos of your walk in the botanic gardens on Sunday!
I love that amazing seedpod you found... so sculptural and nothing like i have seen before.
I just read about 1 Shanti road - how interesting! I would like to know more about that!
Your lunch looked delightful!
What a wonderful visit with you...thankyou Priya!

holly aka golly said...

I LOVE the pods. They are beautiful! I feel like I've taken a walk with you today!

ArtPropelled said...

Glad I can comment and tell you how much I enjoyed the walk. Really gorgeous pods displayed on the wood. That top pod is most unusual. Nothing like I have ever seen though the second looks familiar. We are off to the mountains again for the weekend. Maybe I will find some unusual pods.

Owen said...

I think the first seed pod there was in fact dropped off by a passing space ship, and the the "seeds" inside are going to grow into intelligent beings who will clean up all of the earth's problems... And Prya found it first !

mizu designs said...

Those pods are amazingly beautiful!

blogaloorgirl said...

I loved this post and the pictures, very evocative

Hari Batti said...

I just loved these photos. I somehow lost your feed when you switched over to the new blog; so glad I've finally fixed it.

Sudha said...

loved the post...seed pods...simply super!!... :),...i just remembered ur love for seeds and archana mentioning it in her post

and flowers pick themselves said...

wow, so beautiful. have a wonderful weekend!

xo Alison

megha punater said...

gorgeous these pods :))))

Hazel Terry said...

Beautiful pictures, thanks for finding me as now I have found you.

Domestic Goddess said...

Beautiful pictures....Love the walk.....Thanks for sharing.

mumbai paused said...

Reminds me of my childhood