Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sunday morning I felt these ominous rumblings of a cold, so I hastily made myself lots of cups of ginger chair using a mix and match of these lovely ingredients.
Then I floated around my studio 
Got philosophical as I gazed out at my garden
Contemplated on the beauty of my big fat tentacled Aloe Vera
Contemplated on the serene beauty of my Big Fat Dangerously Clawed Fatcat.
And looked through some treasured gifts. Here a bunch of beautiful cat postcards by Etienne Delessert.
And exquisite vintage lace hankies gifted to me long ago...
And Arches watercolour paper given to me by an artist friend yesterday  (just look at the utterly gorgeous texture and the edges! ) -
This is a pretty little trinket picked up during a walk down Brigade Road this week...
Then I browsed through this. The cover is better than the story, but that's my opinion with a cold in my head.
Then I made more Masala Chai
And made these utterly delicious and easy, pan fried Fennel Drop biscuits (from a recipe in one of Anjum Anand's books).
As you can see I've indulged in an absolutely useless, self- indulgent and enjoyable blog post (which we probably all need to do once in a while), and I feel so much better already. It must be the plate full of Fennel biscuits, oops, and the Masala Chai too! :)


bigBANG studio said...

Masala chai! Must share the recipe NOW! And fennel drop biscuits?! Look at your magical garden, how GREEN everything is! The buttercream walls of your studio!

Priya-woman, what a delightful glimpse into your world! Beautiful pictures, too.

Hope you're feeling better, friend!
(and ps- Peter and I are moving to India, for sure, on August 15. OH. MY. GOSH.)

Arch at Rang said...

A love the mood in these photos:-)

The table is so rustic and forms such a lovely background.

megha punater said...

love that trinket and the drop biscuits yummmmm

Anonymous said...

Refreshing greenery :-)

- Prathima

ArtPropelled said...

We call them crumpets and they are so delicious with butter. Enjoyed the quirky cat cards!

sophie munns said...

Gorgeous post Priya!
all the elements I love.. the garden... the cooking ingredients set out... just lovely!

ARTY FACTS said...

lovely! you must catch cold quite often! you seems to have camera fixed in your eyes.

Chandan said...

Dunno when u and if u will ge to see this.. but I got back too Plum Tree after a long time today.. and its just the place to wander in for the rest of the afternoon.. love every bit of this space..its got a beautiful mind :)