Sunday, January 24, 2010


From the plum tree

Now I float in clear sterile emptiness.
There is a white snowflake in my hand,
clear magnifying glass passed over it,
crystal patterns flowering beneath.
The flower melts.
I am alone again.



The phoenix has risen. Powerful words and imagery.

pRiyA said...

Aaah! A dramatic first comment.
Thank you Emby ;-D !

mridula said...

hmmm. so much to think about in transitions. they are never complete though. again, so much to think about.

vineeta said...

To live in the head of a creative person- has to be the most difficult thing. To fight the demons day after day, time after time till you dont know who is the demon & who are you.
Thank god you are back- I was missing you horribly.

Chethana said...

How great to read you again, Priya. Welcome back.

PS: awesome sketch.

ArtPropelled said...

Yes it certainly is great to read you again and see your amazing art. I enjoyed seeing my favourite drawing framed in a more recent post too.

Savita said...

welcome back missy.....looking forward to some truly insightful observations...part 2