Thursday, December 13, 2018

Heartfelt Prayer During Life's Upheavals

Thank you God for Swiggy delivery, Fresh Menu, Amazon Pay and most of all for Chai Point Ginger Chai which is the equivalent of drinking a flaskful of rocket fuel.
Once again my Smartphone has saved my life. I love my Smartphone. It is the greatest thing ever invented after the flushing loo system.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


What are the challenges facing design and creative industries in India? My answer in the 100th issue of POOL magazine -

There are problems in a lack of discernment on what makes a good illustration and a lack of knowledge of the extent of work it takes to make a thought provoking, convincing image.
If the writer provides the script, then the illustrator is the actor who emotes. To do this successfully requires a solid foundation in the art of interpreting the text visually and treating each challenge as unique rather than maneuvering it into a formulaic solution. Similar to using language well, it is not merely about getting the message across but how. Emotion, intelligence, metaphor and beauty become integral components that build a good illustration.