Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Every year this Tabubia tree in my garden goes completely beserk and there are these giant pink mounds of cotton candy which drift down into my garden. This view for the first time from the terrace.

And on the ground below

Last year's tree porn over here >>


Bee Bee said...

I have always loved Tabubia flowers be it pink or yellow. They were the saviour of my mood while travelling to office early in the morning. (long ago story)
Your pictures are beautiful Priya; reminds me of the old, beautiful Bangalore.

Rusty N

Priya Sebastian said...

Thank you Rusty. There are still fleeting snatches of things which remind me of old Bangalore especially this side of town, I quickly try to capture them here before they become memories.
ps: I wondered who Bee Bee was and then I saw your name at the end :)