Sunday, December 25, 2016

Ten Days

So of all the many experiences this year, this one was probably the most bizarre. Some 17 of us writers and illustrators and 4 mentors, were sent to Shantiniketan by Goethe Institute and made to stay in a beautiful home, where for 10 days we were stuffed and stuffed and stuffed with 7 course meals until we could barely walk and where we staggered around for the first three days asking questions like, What’s the jam today? Is there any more dessert left? Didn’t you looove the tea time snack and Gosh wasn't the fish delicious? Then somewhere on the third day, we were sternly reprimanded, told to get off our asses and get back to working on the theme of ‘Children Understand More than we Believe’. Somehow in the middle of the meals, we managed to do just that and lots of good things happened. Here are some pictures -

Just part of a seven course breakfast
and below, Urvashi Butalia from Zubaan

Just one of the sixteen erm, 
very lively young people (below). 
My delicate nerves usually sheltered by solitude, 
have yet to regain their equilibrium.

Every meal

This particular dessert below was Nolen Gur Rossogulla.

And somewhere along the way, the work -

And the presentation.

Fan mail

And one last picture which still 
gives me nightmares.