Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Back to my Kerala posts once more.

Since the big synagogue at Jew Town was closed on Sabbath, my host insisted and took me to another smaller synagogue tucked away inside a village, the presence of which very few people will know. On the way by taxi, through the unremitting green beauty of the Kerala countryside, my host would tap me on the shoulder and point out, and in the midst of the verdure I would see structures like elaborate iced wedding cakes, complicated spaceships and Walt Disney fairy tale castles. These were churches (gasp) and if I hadn’t been told they were those, I would never have guessed.

The walk to the synagogue was lovely, we got a glimpse of village life and we saw old houses like this one above.

A Kerala king gave the Jews some land, and this was a pillar to mark that, to say something like ‘From here is yours’.

This is the walk along the road to the synagogue.
But the Jews who worshiped there also came by boat along a river at the end of this road.

And the beautiful synagogue, maintained by the government as a monument.An enthusiastic and friendly Hindu guide explained the ways of worship within the synagogue to us. No worship takes place here in this particular one however.
Enjoy the pictures :)

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