Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wild Turkey

On my way to Sutton, I saw a flock of birds crossing the road. When I mentioned to my hosts that I saw what I thought were pheasants, they were very impressed. "Those are Wild Turkeys!" they said. I was told that it was a rare sighting and one that visitors like me were privileged to see. Later as we drove around Sutton through winter landscapes, we spied a flock of Wild Turkeys again. This time I managed to get out of the car and actually photograph them with my trusty point and shoot.
After I shot the turkeys with my camera, we shot one of them with a gun and then we took it home and made a meal of it.

I must say that country life is very exciting. First visit I got to hunt and eat wild mushrooms. Second visit, it is Wild Turkey on the table!

Okay,we didn't kill a Wild Turkey. The last picture is a marinated, very delicious turkey served to me from my first ever Thanksgiving meal here in Montreal :-)


Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Nicolas Godin said...

Hi Priya,

Love your pictures and comment. Next time I see a flock of wild turkeys, I'll probably imagine mouth-watering rosted ones, but it's OK, as I don't have any gun and won't be able to act on this delicious illusion.


Priya Sebastian said...

Hi Nick,

Glad to see your comment here.Next time you spy a flock of wild turkeys, I hope you hunt one down using your sharp, special dagger. Please save the feathers for me to use for artwork.


Julie said...

Ouf! For a moment there, I thought I blacked out during our weekend! Excellent pics of our big birds! Nico: I'll be very suspicious if you come home with any kind of poultry.

Priya Sebastian said... air makes strange things happen in my blog posts Julie.