Sunday, March 3, 2013

Character Analysis

I cannot help that drawings of women are invariably accompanied by enormous talk bubbles coming out of their mouths. 

The card below is what Samita made for me. I am so kicked by it I tell you...! 
The decapitated head on the Plum Tree drawn on the card is me. And that is a Pink Plum on on the side. If you pull the, plum, my eyeballs move giving me that Arrey! expression that is

Have a look at Extension Khirkee here>>
It will blow your mind.


Prashant Varma said...

ur illustration done by Samita is so true, so well expressed.
I like the way u compose things in ur diary, they look as they are pumping out of the book.

Samita said...

aaaaahahahah! blurred out speech bubble! Did I really talk that much? :) IT IS SO CUTE :D