Wednesday, July 18, 2012

June and a bit of July

I almost think I am repeating the madness of last year’s June post as I write this. Everything chugs along peacefully for the first 6 months of the year and then comes June whirling me away on a wild mad ride (mad as in exciting and adventurous) until I pass out. I have somewhat recovered enough to write this as life resumes its normal routines once more – back to blogging, back to gym, back to French class…
Here are just pictures of some of the more peaceful moments in June and a bit of beautiful happy July. I hope it stays that way. There aren’t too many details links or captions here. I have just made a post of pictures for you to enjoy. The mad stuff I think I’ll just keep to myself. Enjoy these instead.

Wild Cardamom


The only thing that gets me out of bed really early are Saturday sketching sessions 
with friends at Richard's park.

John sketches with us.

A boy and his dog. This is one of the most beautiful photographs I have ever taken.

From one of the countless visits to French Loaf @ R town.

A lovely colourful lunch @ Imli with A :)

My first Aam ka Panna (a drink made of raw mangoes)

My first Moleskin sketchbook! And it is a GIGANTIC one :)
So big, it does not fit into this photograph.

A beautiful tea party at the home of the Chai Goddess

A green and blue dessert

Thoughtful gifts, Seedpods and cards by Aa.

Vanilla bean cheesecake by Chef N

Henrik Drescher is to illustration what Naomi Campbell is to modelling. Imagine my surprise when I get a mail from him in my inbox asking me to contribute some pictures for his project Artist's Workspaces.

Now I must begin shelved projects once more...if I can find some space at my desk!
See you later :)


Anonymous said...

Your June sounds like my July is turning out to be. I am craving normalcy and mundane routine so much. The Imli lunch looks heavenly.

little pink cakes said...

Sad to hear, that you had a mad time. I sincerely hope it all turns out well for you and wish you strength to concentrate on and keep in mind the good things life offers. As you show in your wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

Good to have you back, pRiyA!

pRiyA said...

@ Priya: Strange isn't it, when we have normalcy we crave excitement and vice versa. Yes, the Imli lunch was very good :)

@ Little Pink Cakes: I meant 'mad time' as in an exciting, action packed and adventurous time. In a good way. Thank you for your good wishes though :)

Julie Lapointe said...

It is so nice to read you again pRiyA! What beautiful pictures and drawings... I love to see your work space (you too have a furry accessory!) and bits and pieces of your life.

Akhila H said...

Wonderful post! I must sketch that house & Visit French loaf! On my list to do before independence ;) (Aug 15th he he he)

Rod MacGregor said...

This is a great post pRiya...I particularly like the wild cardamom sketch...but they're all good.

Shri said...

I love the sepia tones in your space....and the way you capture.
And agree with you on June/July...:-)
How lovely is that succulent in two textures!

mansuetude said...

Have never seen Cardamom; love the drawing of it coming out of the jug, makes me feel it will rise up like something Jack and the Beanstalk to allow me to enter a new realm. Nor have i seen a green beetle so lovely.

then you just make me want to eat. Mango drink looks so good.


hey you reminded me of the Paris Review Interviews last post, and so I follow PReview on Tumblr now, and they keep feeding them and i keep eating them up. Thanks.

enjoy your work table.

pRiyA said...

Thanks so much all of you. It is good to be back :)

ArtPropelled said...

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake ..... drooling over here! Your whimsical Cardamon sketch really appeals to me too. Well done for your invite to contribute to Henrik Drescher's project.

Perfect Witch said...

This looks like a good June and that bit of July!

pRiyA said...

Well it was ! :)
Some pics on Gilaas of Chai coming up soon ;)

sree said...

nice pics :)