Friday, April 27, 2012


The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It is the same life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth in numberless blades of grass and breaks into tumultuous waves of leaves and flowers.
                                                              ~ Rabindranath Tagore, Stream Of Life 

There is a Latin saying: Ars longa vita brevis. Art is long, life is short. But the true and beautiful thing is that nothing lasts. Everything changes and passes. The creative process is just that. Not a means to an end, but a continuing engagement with being alive. Breathe in, and begin.


mansuetude said...

"life that shoots in joy through the dust of the earth"

what a luscious image! I bow.

Anonymous said...

Always inspiring me, Priya!