Sunday, October 23, 2011

In the Forest

 by Bhooni, one of the students at Shishu Mandir 
who participated in my painting workshop .

'See how beautifully he’s painted me, lost in the forest, among the trees, the branches, the grass. As I wait, a wind begins to blow’the leaves tremble, one by one; the branches sway. I’m worried. How does the artist’s pen manage to reach so far? The branches bend in the wind and rise up again, the flowers grow and fall, the forest swells like a wave, and the whole world trembles.'
~ extracted from In the Forest as Old as the World by Orhan Pamuk. Other Colours 

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Julie Lapointe - La Datcha said...

That is a beautiful excerpt pRiyA.
The workshop seemed so much fun and the results are amazing!