Monday, October 17, 2011

an ENTIRE day of drawing

When I bought my new giant sketchbook, I called up Prabha to tell her. We decided to spend a day sketching at Lalbagh and we landed there at 7.30 am one day last week. It must have been one of the happiest days of my life ever. Here are the pictures:

Curious teachers with their school kids wanted to know why we were drawing, 'chumma jaaliya (jolly) pandringlaa?' they asked in Tamil (Are you doing this just for fun?)

Here is Prabha's drawing

Naturally we also brunched at MTR and our meal also included delicious Honey Halwa 
and a large ice-cream with fruit. Sugar highs are absolutely necessary to get the drawing juices revved up.

At another table strange creatures from Bangalore's Art world peered and waved their tentacles at us. 
When I said we are going to Lalbagh for an entire day of drawing they looked mystified. Drawing? Huh? What's that?

Giant Silk cotton trees

I need an even bigger sketchbook I think!

Here are some pictures of couples under the trees. I love how tiny they look under the giant benevolent trees and I love how the trees almost seem to envelope and shelter them. Prabha mysteriously commented: It is unfortunate that one can't make out whether a relationship will last or not just by looking at these couples.

The moist, rich and fascinating floor under a Naagalingam tree

And the marvellous tree herself


Prabha has the eyes of an eagle. She spotted a Barn owl far up on a tree in the distance and she pointed out these red bugs to me.

We were ravenous at tea-time. Back to MTR!

Here are some of Prabha's sketches

We drew till the sun set, chatted with curious old men and children and headed home before the mosquitoes came out.

Some day that! : )


Rima said...

That does look a most excellent day!
I was particularly wowed by those beetles... :)

Arch at Rang said...

Sounds wonderful!

Julie Lapointe - La Datcha said...

Lucky you! What a beautiful place and both your drawings came out great!

pRiyA said...

Thank you Rima, so was I!
Arch: It was.
Julie: I can't stop looking at all the beautiful places and things that you have to show me on your blog.

Prabha Narayanan said...

What a delightful yummy day that was. Lets do it once again after Diwali. The trees beckon :)

pRiyA said...

Definitely. With large sheets of paper this time : )

Aravinda said...

sounds and looks heavenly priya! really really does!

pRiyA said...

It really really was Aravinda
I have to give you credit for starting the trend though ; )

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky Priya!! Doing what you love ( I am not talking about just drawing .. eating, meeting etc are all included) and that too in an environment like that..

pRiyA said...

Yes, I am : )

anup keerrthi said...

ha ha. my kind of a day! lalbagh and the trees and south indian breakfast dishes. totally relaxing.

just totally random thing, the entry ticket entitles u multiple entries to the park is it :)?

and thanks for dropping by my blog. hez become rustic, but hope to revive it soon.

Anonymous said...

Priya! this looks brilliant. An amazing day of drawing and trees and awesome food :) :) Wish I could have come too.

pRiyA said...

Oh my Crabbits on The Plum Tree! Yeah, it was great. Wish you were here too.

Anup: You have to ask the entry man nicely, then he'll let you in as many times as you want.

Flara said...

You sketch beautifully nature!!! This is a very difficult subject, but the effect is just great:)

sathish said...

wow! That sounds like a real treat of a day!!

Your blog is always an inspiration to back to my own sketchpad.

sathish said...

Wanted to leave another comment;

I loved the comment of the curious teachers. Nothing quite like doing things for 'chumma jolly ya'


Hello!...Wandering here from the far away place (geographically only)...I loved your post and drawings!
See you soon

pRiyA said...

Christina: Hello and thank you for your nice comment. I think you come from a place where lots of exciting Illustration work happens :- )

Sathish: I am glad my blog is an inspiration to pick up the sketch book for chumma jolly ya :-D

Flara: Thank you :-)

mou said...

Wow! what a day u had and beautiful sketches.. both u and ur friend :)
As always looking fwd to more!

PS: totally dig the fare at MTR!