Monday, November 8, 2010

Proust Questionnaire

The weather is gloomy. It is raining ceaselessly. I haven't updated my blog in a while. I have to clear my desk. Best thing to do right now I guess, is to do a Proust Questionnaire from Vanity Fair and use it as a blog post.

1) what is your greatest fear?
That my parents will rise from the dead

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A plate of French Fries

what is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
My inability to be ruthlessly manipulative

what is the trait you most deplore in others?
their readiness to offer advice when I don’t need it.

what was your most embarrassing moment?
At the cookie shop at Garuda mall, this man came towards me with a smile and a tray of cookies. I thought he was offering free samples so I enthusiastically helped myself to one. He looked really shocked and said they were for his family who were standing behind me.

Who were you friends with this time last year and are not friends with now?
Something with a butterfly tattooed on its tit?

who is the love of your life?
Always been the bearded guy

have you ever said ‘i love you’ and not meant it?
All the time. On the subject of love I can speak only in clich├ęs

9) What talent would you like to have?

The ability to instantly come up with witty rejoinders.

who do you admire?
Arundathi Roy. She gets us to notice the accumulated dirt shoved under the carpet.

Aside from property, what is the most expensive thing you've bought?
A pair of titanium spectacle frames 

what has been your biggest disappointment?
My country

13) if you could go back in time, where would you go?

Back to the sixties. The whole peace, love and flared pants thing really appeals to me.

14) how do you relax?

Mindlessly surfing the net

15) any one night stands recently

Like I am going to admit it on a public forum

16) what makes you depressed?

The gullibility of people

17) what is the closest you’ve come to death?

After eating an entire sweet chariot chocolate truffle cake

18) what would improve the quality of your life?

The elimination of smart asses who bombard me with advice about how I should improve the quality of my life.

19) what do you consider your greatest achievement?

My ability to drive through Bangalore’s traffic

20) what is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Horoscopes aren't true



Wonderful answers, thoroughly enjoyed the answers and the one about coming up with witty rejoinders is not altogether true and I love the cookie one must be an absolutely horrifying situation for anyone.

aneri_masi said...

Loved your answers. I think you already have the talent you wish for :)

Owen said...

Dear Priya,
I think you did a pretty good job at coming up with witty rejoinders...

As for the cookie man, you could've told him you were just testing one to make sure he wasn't about to poison all his in-laws in order to collect on insurance money...

And I certainly shan't offer any advice on how to improve your quality of life, although one way to do that may to be to get out and visit other blogs and leave lots of cheerful comments.

Hoping you are well, and that driving in Bangalore is easier than in Paris !

Gwen Buchanan said...

You are really funny.. How did that cookie taste?

GB said...

Loved the post--death by chocolate--what a way to go!