Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prized Acquisitions

Here are two of my latest acquisitions from my slow but ever growing collection of illustrated books. The first one is the famed 1080 recipes overflowing with bold bright colourful illustrations by Javier Mariscal. 

And the second (acquired through the wonderful Flipkart service) is The Hunchback of Notre Dame illustrated by 
David Hughes. Each page is a surprise of cheeky line drawings, whacky lettering and excellent design.

What I like best about the styles of these two illustrators is the strong individuality that comes across in their work. 
And I do hope those Arty Farts around here who associate illustration with neaty, neaty, cutey, cutey stuff are looking.


ArtPropelled said...

I can see why you would like that last book especially. I love the last illustration. It could actually be mistaken for a Priya original.

Domestic Goddess said...

lovely...actually I would have thought the last one was yours..but only for the write up....you should try something like this...
Thanks for sharing.

Arch at Rang said...

Looks great:-)

I have ordered two books from Flipkart as well...hoping to receive it soon:-)

BTW I picked up some books from Page Turners ( the Penguin India store) Been there?

GB said...

Priya! you're absolutely , delightfully , incorrigible!!! gurgling and hooting with laughter at the arty farts (yeah , i know, potty humor still gets me...not very mature here!!)

Junuka said...

lovely works:)
these and also yours.
am new to ur blog, thanks!

Karine said...

Just catching up with you, and telling you that I've missed you, and your stories. You amazing creature, you.

sophie munns said...

Adore these books Priya...
fabulous work...would definitely love cooking from that first one!