Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Shot a Tiger!

Yes! I shot a Tiger. Here’s how I did it –
I filled a large bowl with chopped chicken liver and took it into the jungle. And then I loaded my Black and White bullets and lay in wait as quietly as possible, pretending to read a book. I wasn’t disappointed. Slowly at the far end of the jungle, there was a rustle amid a thick clump of ferns. The fronds parted and a Tiger emerged. She stealthily made her way towards the chicken liver and quick as a flash gobbled it down. Then she lay down, stretched herself and closed her eyes. And that’s when I shot her!

But here is the terrifying part!  
When I least expected it, the Tiger opened her eyes and snaaaarrrrled!
 I scooted from the scene within seconds of being mauled! You see how dangerous it is to shoot Tigers? But I risked it just for you, my dear blog readers. I bravely risked my life and shot a Tiger to bring you yet another adventure under The Plum Tree!


Anonymous said...

hee hee

I have two tigers. I appreciate the risk you took!

Domestic Goddess said...

lol...this is the best post I have read in recent times......Keep up the good work and a please take these risks and shoot as they r worth u for this one.

Bhavna said... this your cat, er..tiger? Would love to see more of her :)