Friday, April 9, 2010


When the 76 CRPF jawans who sacrificed their lives in the Dantewada massacre were housed in horrific conditions while alive, couldn’t we at least give each of them a decent coffin at their burial? Their coffins look like they have been pieced together with cardboard. The manufacturer’s marks are still visible on the cheap plywood with which they have been made…

Before a movie at a cinema hall, we have to stand while the national anthem is being played and watch glorious, idealized shots of soldiers at the Siachen glacier. Apparently their bodies return in cheap plywood coffins too. How many of us know that? Perhaps the film makers should include a clip of the condition in which these soldiers’ bodies are packaged for burial in our country once they are killed, so that we can see for ourselves how 'Mahan' mera Bharath treats its martyrs  while we stand to attention, 120 rupees popcorn in hand, impatiently waiting for the movie to start.

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