Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Bookshelf

My bookshelf is the focal point in my new home and since I've moved in here it has become an evolving work of art. At first it was spartan and neatly arranged, but now over the couple of months I've stayed here, it has started to acquire more personality. 

Apart from my much collection of books which I must have as company, the things I love are also showcased here - the inevitable seedpods make their way to my bookshelf, as do objects picked up from my travels - driftwood from a beach in Roncesvalles somewhere in Toronto, the tiniest seashells from beaches in Australia, striped pebbles from Hampi, lucky pigs from Singapore...they are all placed here with love and care. 

Every time I pass by this bookshelf, which is many times during the day, my heart expands, my fur rises, I feel a sense of contentment. 

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