Saturday, December 29, 2018

Yazdani Bakery

One of the memorable places I visited during my visit to Bombay was Yazdani Bakery. I entered into a light blue time capsule where time stood still and savoured every bit of the old-world charm there. Here it is in photographs and drawings in my sketchbook -

Don't miss the black and white flooring.

How lovely are these walls, how full of layers, stories 
and character.

A bread slicing machine also in the colour scheme of light blue to co-ordinate with the rest of the bakery.

Uncle-ji of Yazdani Bakery, like the bread slicing man, he too is wearing a light blue shirt. If we ask him for a photo, he rolls his fists and poses. He is full of stories and insists we try the bread pudding.

Uncle-ji insisted I take a picture of this plaque

I cannot help but notice that my sketchbook too is light blue, which I will from now on always associate with Yazdani bakery.


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