Monday, September 11, 2017

The Upgrade

So I am told all self-employed people go through this, it is raining ferociously outside, you are working working working, matted hair tied back, thick glasses, comfortable old t-shirt, papers strewn around the house…and then suddenly, SUDDENLY, all work is over and there is a lull and then much to your surprise you get invited by friends (friends? friends!) and you don’t know what to wear and nothing fits because a paunch has mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, so you wear that same old t-shirt and disguise it with a scarf and stumble into Biere club trying hard not to look too bewildered and finish a month's quota of talking by jabbering excitedly.Later back home you go through soul-searching, your appearance needs an upgrade.

So the upgrade: This time 1 MG mall has a H and M, gosh, when did that happen? And oh, so wonderful, when I try out their pretty tops I am not XL but MEDIUM! Yay! Phew! And the hair, THE HAIR, finally the best cut ever at fuss free Margaret’s and then the inevitable selfie with pensive expression, above.

I suspect I am one of the Walrus in this picture.


Beth said...

No, you are beautiful.

pRiyA said...

I've arrived at exactly the same conclusion!