Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Philosophy

Whenever I come across the beautifully worded truths written by Buddhist monks and the virtually omnipresent Rumi I pause and contemplate these philosophies and decide with my hand on my heart that I must, must, must adopt them into every moment of my life. Unfortunately, there is usually a new beautiful philosophy presenting itself on Facebook every single day. And then there is the fact of real life and real people to deal with in a real world. I find that at such times my brain can hardly sift through a dozen peace poems or twenty Rumi quotes that I saw this week already. BUT, during very such times I find myself totally embracing an unforgettable philosophy that has worked miracles in my life since 2012. It has eliminated the *&%# and brought in fresh, sparkling energy. I have decided to share it here not because I give a **** about those who will be shocked but because I feel it partners very well with the ship picture above and I frantically needed a convincing new year philosophy after I came up with that damn title. So here it is! Onward to new philosophies then!


mridula said...

I am trying.

priya vadhyar said...

You said it! Happy 2016!

Limner said...

I have enjoyed following your blog. Your art always manages to capture and stimulate my brain cells. I will not be a sheep though. You no longer care about those of us who are shocked/offended by your use of a coarse word children are admonished for using--a word decent, intelligent adults refrain from using because there are better, less offensive words that will work just as well. Shock value is a poor substitute for common decency and native expression.

I followed your blog for your words as well as your art. There is too much violence and vulgarity in our present media. I have the power to choose what I read. I will miss you and your talent.

I send my best wishes and hope for your success, and a wonderful new year.

Be well.

Priya Sebastian said...

Limner: This is a world where somebody or other is always shocked and offended at something or the other. Your comment is one self-righteous indignant example of that. I simply find it tiresome. I do not write my posts or create my art to please people.
I too wish you the best for a wonderful new year.

The Mushroom Hunter said...

I will refrain from making any humorous comments on Limner’s reaction, as it would be a sheep shot. Let me just express my intimate conviction that the world would be a much better place if we, the people, who share the same planet, the same emotions, the same hardships, the same joys, the same will to live and the same fate to die, stop taking ourselves and others so f**** seriously. Thankfully, there are artists like you, Priya, who help us do just that!

Danielle Johnston said...

RIght on Priya. There is a time and place for caring, but another to let it become so engrained that it becomes a complex which determines our every action, thought and word spoken. We always have to power, in every moment, to decide what is best in that situation, regardless of what other people think. Follow your heart. Always. xoxo

zoe said...

what a gorgeous piece of art-- i love the texture of the rocks against the smoothness of the ship. fantastic!
thanks also for the link, lots of interesting writing there!
happy new year :)