Saturday, August 22, 2015


My birthday this year could not be more different from the one the year before. Last year I drew in my sketchbook, there was a Plum tree in front of me, I was in a strange land. That evening I dined with a friend at her home and ate my first artichoke, a rather strange flower that I’d never eaten before. I was halfway around the world, far away from all that was familiar, uncertain and wondering where my choice would take me.

This year I am home.  I have received my things, am unpacking them and setting up my studio once more, bringing a goal I worked at for four years to a full circle or spiral as I prefer to say.But when I pause and reflect, I cannot help thinking what a year it has been, clashing contrasts of seasons, bizarre adventures, strange encounters, unbelievably wonderful friendships, horrifying uncertainties, bone-chilling winters, springtime forests and a steady, certain journey back home, back to being myself, back to my studio and back to doing all that I love most.



Dear Priya! It is always a pleasure to read your writing. Though I am so far away from your world we share many interests and feelings. Every now and then I come to see what you are doing and read up all your posts.
Accept my late wishes for your birthday and my friendship.
Though many things are going bad in the world I shall keep this window open.
Lot of love

Priya Sebastian said...

Thank you Christina! :-)