Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Morning Walk in Summer

Lalbagh is at its best in summer so I am glad that someone managed to coax me one morning into a walk there. He wanted to 'tag' trees, whatever that means and had his nose buried earnestly in his phone most of the time presumably doing his tagging while I tried out my camera. Pardon this picture heavy post, but can you blame me?

I returned with this booty. Alladin's cave could not have offered me more pleasure.

I photographed the shape and texture of the seedpods

and started the beginnings of a sketch that I never completed. There is something else that I want to happen in my drawing. It is like looking for a path and not finding a way. Sometimes the best solution for that is keeping the sketchbook closed. Better drawings are known to happen after a pause.


Priyanka said...

What a gorgeous post! The sights at Lalbagh are so enchanting and I simply loved the portraits of the seed-pods:)

Sharmon Davidson said...

No, I cannot blame you at all, and these photos are so wonderful, they almost make me feel that I was there. Those seed pods are glorious!

Priya Sebastian said...

Priyanka and Sharmon, enthusiasm is always more enjoyable when it is multiplied among those who think likewise. Thank you :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Priya, Absolutely gorgeous woodland walk. so abundant with its' very particular qualities ie. shapes, cones, seedpods, fruits and flowers.
thank you for taking us along. xoxo