Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer Blues

 The beginnings of summer, Benglurians sluggish due to the heat. We become lethargic, we vegetate, we scuttle towards fans and air-conditioners. I avoid work at my desk by sitting at M’s desk in his studio. He avoids work by sitting in front of his comp, Facebook . I flip through a large book of Picasso’s work. Outside, the sun beats down on the terrace forming blocks of colour against the branches of a mango tree. I feel a surge of guilt. I am doing nothing! I grab an old invitation card and draw the scene in front of me with some graphite lying around. Then I colour it up with M’s expensive Senelier oil pastel. He sprays half a can of imported fixative over it for me.  I feel righteous.

 This is that temple at Ramanagaram. It was afternoon when this was done. P, S and I were sitting in front of the temple in the shade of trees drawing this. We spoke about how happy we felt to get away from the city and sit in the middle of nowhere to draw. We decided that we needed to do one more thing to complete our happiness. We phoned A, who was unable to come with us that day. P spent 10 entire minutes eulogizing our wonderful time to A. Our happiness was complete.

Since we didn’t want to roast in the heat of a village during the month of March, we sketched within the city last week. Some place with a fountain and moth eaten ducks. Too many conversations with P and S about abstract theories.  Lucky for me, S’s wife happened to accompany him. She had been given strict instructions not to disturb us, but she waited  while I finished drawing this ugly mall opposite. I quickly drew, ditched the guys and scooted off with her to shop for girlie things. Wonderful time. “Don’t listen to boys and their bulls*** ” said S’s wife, “they are just showing off”.

This, a lovely fig tree growing inside ITC (Indian Tobacco Company). Thanks to C, whose husband and sister work there, I got a guided tour inside the beautiful green environmentally friendly campus. 

The drawing above and below from my giant Moleskine sketchbook. Playing with organic forms. What is a sketchbook for if it isn't for experimentation?

And this last one above, blue sky against the beautiful red of the State Central Library. 


Priyanka Sacheti said...

As we still battle winter blues where I am, I could literally feel the heat, the heat-induced lethargy, and the intensity of the blue skies radiating from your sketches...and I greatly welcome them!

It is always fascinating to hear about the process/stories and indeed, the conversations nestled behind the art-work...it as if they somehow migrate into the work itself.

And lastly, love the fig-tree!


Dear Pryia,
what beauty in this post of yours! I needed this colours!
I have just come from Bologna's Fair and made a first post to let my friends afar know a little about it...

pRiyA said...

I am glad I could send some warmth across the oceans via my sketches Priyanka!
It is good to be able to keep a record of the process and stories in my blog. It is as much for me as it is for my blog readers.
I love the way the fig-tree drawing turned out too. It was an unexpected solution which fell into place at that moment.

pRiyA said...

I look forward to seeing your posts on Bologna's Fair Cristina!


Dear Pryia, you are welcome!...you will find the Fair a bit "noisy"...making an analogy sound-colour.
I posted my articles on the english blog http://berardicristina.blogspot.it/

pRiyA said...

Thank you for the post and the link. Very interesting!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Priya, you made me chuckle when I read..."I feel a surge of guilt. I am doing nothing!" I know the feeling.
Wonderful bold work!

pRiyA said...

Try as I might, I cannot imagine you doing nothing Gwen. Your beautiful blog is a testament to your hard work!

Clive Hicks-Jenkins said...

As ever, Priya, beautiful drawings. Thank you for showing them.

Priya Sebastian said...

Very nice of you to say so Clive. Thank you!