Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Moment of Beauty

P, S and I went on an impromptu sketching expedition to Ramanagaram today. 
At SRS Betta, we started climbing up the hill, 
up each step consecrated with a dot of vermilion. 

P was climbing the steps in front of S and I. He passed through the porch of the small white temple in front of us. The darkness of the doorway was smeared across the old white walls like a  black stain

Suddenly, we heard a voice speaking through the darkened doorway. 

Then we saw this -

S and I gasped at the beauty of this moment.

Till the flame died down.

The three of us came back with lots of unforgettable memories and lots of drawings. 
While making this blog post, I received a message from P telling me he couldn't forget the Obbattu we all savoured at lunch. I don't yet know what S found unforgettable, but for me it was this, this moment that I quickly wanted to place here on my blog lest I ever forget it.


Chandan said...

The images are breathtaking indeed Priya.. I am certain the memories equally rich !

Nancy said...

A moment of beauy, indeed! Thank you for sharing this moment...

Priyanka S said...

What beautiful word and photo vignettes from the trip, Priya...loved how you conveyed the experience to us, the readers, making us part of the moment:)

Gwen Buchanan said...

truly a feast for our eyes.
Thank you for this .
To be able to experience through your eyes an amazing part of the world I will never see in person is difficult for me to express.

pRiyA said...

Thank you ladies. To be able to share this moment with you all on my blog makes this experience truly all the more fulfilling.

Julie said...

Beautiful, and there is something very peaceful about these photos...

Soman Patnaik said...

well... for S, the unforgettable memory was the simplicity of life, the abundance of pure fresh air in the vast open space that surrounded us. I think nothing beats the unadulterated beauty of nature in the countryside!!!!

When are we having the next outing amigos!!!