Friday, April 26, 2013


Everybody knows that artists need stimulants to fuel their creativity
- booze, coffee,tea, inhaled stuff....
Long time readers of my blogs know what my stimulants are. However, given
the amount of activity on my desk lately, it has been difficult to sustain
myself with the usual, because of the steep prices and the fact that too much of
these things are bad for health.
Then I chanced on the recipe for a certain concoction here>>>
Yes, yes, it's great drunk with wholesome milk and all, but really, it
tastes best when you dig in with a large spoon. One, two and the high is
enough to last you till kingdom come.
It is healthy too - (Hershey's dark cocoa powder, organic jaggery and
cashewnuts). It satisfies my Indian predisposition towards the strong, dark and rich as
no jar full of Nutella every will. And oh my, the drawings are just flowing out :-)