Friday, August 24, 2012

Drawings on Wedding Feast Paper

One Sunday Anil, one of the regulars at Pencil Jam, gushed and gushed about his latest discovery - he used wedding feast paper to draw on. For the phirangs (foreigners) reading this blog, most South Indian Hindu wedding feasts have long tables where a roll of white paper is rolled out on it, then banana leaves are placed on it to serve a fabulous lip smacking vegetarian meal as you can see in this picture here >. The paper with the remains is simply rolled up and binned after that. So easy. No washing up.
I had to grudgingly admit that it was a super idea to use this paper for drawing. No more scrounging around for rough paper or tearing up bulky cartridge paper to draw on. Just roll out and draw!
I must give thanks to the ever resourceful Akhila who procured the Wedding Feast paper for me.
Here are some of the results :-)


Monster plant!

Somebody got miffed that she was removed from her usual perch on the table and placed on a chair.So I drew a giant sardine for her...


Throughout these midnight endeavours of mine, I was fuelled by Salted Chocolate chip cookies from David Lebovitz's famous recipe. It is the best ever and so easy. I love the bursts of salt sparkling on my tongue amidst the sweetness of chocolate and sugar. Naturally I have to show pictures ;-P



Aarohi singh said...

I love- The charcoal drawings and the cookie that I see rapidly finishing in each successive picture!! I WANT TOO.

Practical question- how are you storing the artwork? Won't the charcoal rub off if rolled? Or off to the framer immediately?

And I love the idea of the roll of paper. I want to try too, where to buy?

pRiyA said...

Aarohi: Regarding the cookie, am afraid I cannot help you. Even if I brought it for you it would finish along the way :-/

But the rest, I can help :)
I use this only for rough work. The charcoal is way too messy and powdery . Kalyani wanted me to keep rolling my work endlessly which is a great idea, but will have to hunt thicker paper for that.
Akhila got this for me. Will ask her and let you know...

little pink cakes said...

What a great idea!!! And how large your drawings now can be!

I love your drawings - especially this large sardine... I can't stop looking at its eyes! Really great work!

Greetings also to your little "home-tiger" ;)

Gwen Buchanan said...

With a length of paper such as this, it must have been hard to stay away from it. Very Cool idea and wonderful work.

Kashmira said...

Love that first sketch!

Sangita PIllai said...

Hi Priya, great idea. Reminds me of the paper rolls that IKEA sells with their kids' easels. Not sure if IKEA has come to India? Love the first drawing of the man in the turban and the sequence of the disappearing cookie:) keep rolling!

ArtPropelled said...

The monster plant is wonderful!I hope "somebody" appreciated her sardine .... and perhaps some choc chip crumbs.

Julie Lapointe said...

Priya, c'est magnifique! J’aime particulièrement tes plantes exubérantes et l'énorme poisson.
Est-ce que ton chat a accepté ton offrande? :-)

RuchiB said...

LOOOve your work.:D

pRiyA said...

Julie, ma chat n'a pas accepté ma offrande. Elle a coléré.