Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walrus Tea

One Sunday morning, while having my instant fix of Masala Dosa at Shiv Sagar, I noticed before me, two enormous men partaking their morning Chai. The scene grew misty before my eyes and when the mist cleared I saw two Walrus contentedly dwarfing the table at which they were seated while delicately sipping from tiny cups of Shiv Sagar Chai.

A blog reader has asked me to list my 10 favourite books so here they are. These are not 10 best or 10 greatest or 10 mind- blowing. They are 10 favourite – the books I dip into again and again for inspiration or to which I retreat into for moments of peace, humour and insight in an ever maddening world. I have listed them here randomly and not in any particular order of favouritism.

La Citta                 

I will be away on a long break while I finish work on my desk and everywhere else. Until the next post somewhere sometime, goodbye for now.


Aarohi Singh said...

I love the description. I can actually picture the scene in Shiv Sagar :-)
Wonderful. Enjoy your break, I am off on one too!!

little pink cakes said...

Haha, great background-story for the picture!

Hope you'll be back soon!
All the best and always happy drawing!

ArtPropelled said...

A delight to see through your eyes, Priya. My Family and Other Animals is in my top ten too.

Rod MacGregor said...

Excellent Artwork..I like your story too...also the Masal Dosa looks good..In India you have an exotic lifestyle!

Kashmira said...

I keep thinking I need to tell u this, and keep forgetting...I was in India in Feb, right. So I got together with some of my school friends. One of them brought me some seeds for my jewelry design, and another said, you know kasha, there is this blog I read, its called the plum tree, its so cool, she sketches, and is awesome, and she puts up sketches of seeds sometimes. I don't know her, but she is awesome. And there I was...gloating...well I DO know her :) Small world, eh?

And I forwarded this post to a friend and she emailed me back something so sweet. I will forward it to you

sathish said...

I wonder what the walrus'es were discussing? probably about yeddy? :)


pRiyA said...

Thanks each one of you for your lovely comments.

@ KasH: Made my day babe ;-)

@Satish: definitely discussing Yeddy

mansuetude said...

Absolutely adore the drawing and its inception. I want to hear the story that comes next! What will they do with this day, I want to hear their talk.

I only know three of your books, though the Paris Review Fiction Interviews are wonderful, thanks for this link.

somesh kumar said...

You have rendered the Walrus beautifully and I like the omnipresent Shiv Sagar touch.

Julie said...

What a beautiful story and illustration...
100 years of solitude is one of my all-time favourites. I think it's the first book I fell in love with. Thank you for sharing your list, I will surely try some of these books!

pRiyA said...

@mansuetude: i think i want to hear their story too, so i must make it happen :)

@somesh: thank you. it was a quick drawing. would like to redraw it bigger.

@julie: thank you :) hmmm, i think i know exactly what you mean when you said you fell in love with 100 years.

Karine said...

Hi Priya,

It's been awhile since I've had the luxury of reading blogs. As ever, I enjoyed my visit. Twisted leaves, Sendak, water birds, etc. And your drawings.

100 Years of Solitude is on my list too. I am going to look in to those others!


Hi Priya,
I was wandering by :=)...Your photos, your drawings and your choice of words and books are so lovely! Come back soon !!! :=)))

pRiyA said...

I will, I promise ;-)

Non Veg Recipes said...

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