Friday, May 11, 2012


I know there has been an overload of dried nature photographs here recently, but can you blame me?
I found this beauty in my garden this morning . If only I could figure out how to preserve this and wear it around my neck.


Kashmira said...

You need to put it in a deep mold and pour resin over it. wish i knew how to do that :( but i can point u to some tutorials that can tell u what to do!

pRiyA said...

Hey thanks Kash, but it sounds damn complex. Wish you were here to do it all for me! ;-P
I've just pressed it between the pages of a book and will stick it in my journal later.
I did once paint a twisted leaf with resin though. It lasted a long time. Didn't know what to do with the rest of the tin of resin though.

mizu designs said...

Oh yeah! Great idea Priya. It's divine.

pRiyA said...

Isn't it Kylie? Love finding these treasures :)

Asma said...


One question - I can see that you read extensively - if I were to ask you to name 10 of your favorite books, which would they be?

pRiyA said...

Hi Asma,
What an interesting question.
Give me some time and I'll answer it in a blog post.

Rima Staines said...

Hey Priya, this is the most beautiful leaf.. what tree does it come from?
Thanks for asking for sketchbook pages... I'll collect up some photos and plan a post of sketchbook pages in a while for you :)
x Rima

pRiyA said...

Hi Rima, it is isn't it? It is from the Taebubia (Pink Trumpet)tree growing in my garden. Here is a pic from google: (
The leaf has been distorted however by whatever was growing on it.
I am REALLY looking forward to your post :-)

agnes szucs said...

aaaaahhhh, it's beatiful!
resin would ruin the effect in my opinion, but would definitely keep the leaf... so it might still be a good idea... ask someone, i'm sure it's not that difficult. :)