Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walrus Tea

One Sunday morning, while having my instant fix of Masala Dosa at Shiv Sagar, I noticed before me, two enormous men partaking their morning Chai. The scene grew misty before my eyes and when the mist cleared I saw two Walrus contentedly dwarfing the table at which they were seated while delicately sipping from tiny cups of Shiv Sagar Chai.

A blog reader has asked me to list my 10 favourite books so here they are. These are not 10 best or 10 greatest or 10 mind- blowing. They are 10 favourite – the books I dip into again and again for inspiration or to which I retreat into for moments of peace, humour and insight in an ever maddening world. I have listed them here randomly and not in any particular order of favouritism.

La Citta                 

I will be away on a long break while I finish work on my desk and everywhere else. Until the next post somewhere sometime, goodbye for now.

Friday, May 11, 2012


I know there has been an overload of dried nature photographs here recently, but can you blame me?
I found this beauty in my garden this morning . If only I could figure out how to preserve this and wear it around my neck.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


                                                                Picture taken by Megha
Yet another virtual friendship turned real when I met long time blog friend Megha. I was pleasantly surprised that the tall and confident woman before me was rather different from what I'd expected, different from the mysterious Megha who reveals just those small glimpses of herself on her blog. I spent wonderful time with Megha. She was warm, down to earth and happy. There was lots of fun and laughter, exchanging of tit-bits and a dash of gossip thrown in to make the meeting a full and memorable one. I am always touched when blog friends who come to Benglur, make time to visit me. Thank you Megha :-)
Do have a look at Megha's beautiful blog, her lovely photographs and pictures of our meeting here>>>

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The New Resident

While the dense green jungle within which I reside continues to be the ruled by a ferocious TIGER, a new resident has made himself at home, at first within the fringes of this green kingdom and then boldly marching all over tiger territory no bird has dared before. I was totally mystified about the new resident's identity. With some difficulty, I managed to shoot a few best I could do pictures with my non-DSLR camera. Within minutes of posting the pics up on Facebook, the ever resourceful Archana pinpointed his identity bang-on. "He is a White-breasted Water Hen!" said she. And we were all amazed and awed that a bird that had to be 'identified' should come and reside right here in the city beside me.

The gorgeous bird drawings of Leonard Baskin >>

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I wait for that time of the year when the skies turn scarlet in Bangalore

and the ground turns into red sea during evenings filled with golden yellow light.

Here above is a drop from that scarlet ocean
and the picture below, an attempt at capturing its beauty in a drawing.

My grandmother's house had a red Gulmohar tree growing beside a jewel green moss covered well. Every year during that time I visited for school holidays, it would burst into red bloom.

So many years later I tried to capture the beauty of that memory in a painting.

I am glad these trees are still around.